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Life at TexAu
This month, we’ve been obsessed with all things Content, especially the Automation guides. Our new content team member, Shubham Davey, wrote all the automation guides and thoroughly reviewed our blogs posts. We’ve been having a lot of discussions on content and SEO — from writing ebooks to updating our automation guides to have more usecases. You will see more and more content updates in the upcoming weeks. Vikesh is also writing very useful threads on Twitter about Automation and Growth for Agencies. Feel free to follow Vikesh @iamvikeshtiwari on Twitter.

Oh well, we are looking for someone to do our weekly webinars and conduct guest interviews and talk about data and automation with our community. If you're interested in working with us (part time is ok), feel free to reply to this email.
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Live the TexAu experience, where your dreams and ambitions can thrive! We're always looking for new perspectives and fresh ideas, and now you can be a part of it! Our team of content specialists are always creating content with Automation, SEO and Growth strategies in mind, so you can be sure to find valuable insight at TexAu.

Stay in the know and follow what our team is up to! You'll find Vikesh @iamvikeshtiwari on Twitter, where he's regularly posting threads about Automation and Growth for Agencies.

We're also looking for a special someone to join our team in conducting guest interviews, webinars and more. If you think you're the perfect fit, then get in touch by email today!

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