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AI analyzes an individual's unique personality traits and crafts a persuasive message that is guaranteed to convert the recipient into a customer.

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letter to potential client about about completely free AI service, which write a proposal emails based on personality, decision drivers, ability to say no, risk appetite and provide you all email and phone contacts.
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Dear Potential Client,

We'd like to tell you about our completely free AI service that can help you write better proposal emails. Our service utilizes the latest AI technology to analyze information like personality, decision drivers, ability to say no, and risk appetite. We will provide you with the most up-to-date email and phone contacts.

With our AI service, you never have to worry about inadequate research or drafts. It must be powerfully efficient, is based on best-in-class AI models, is perfectly customizable, is designed for ease-of-use, is capable of self-learning, is exceptionally agile, is tailored to your specific requirements, is enriched with additional data, and is secure.

We believe our AI service can help you write more effective proposal emails that save you time and money. We're confident that our service will exceed your expectations and hope to hear from you soon.

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Alexis Faeh
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    Email Channel Specialist at Tadpull
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