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I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz about ChatGPT recently. It’s incredible. You type a prompt and an electronic mind responds with the most thorough, helpful responses you could ever imagine. ChatGPT can:

Summarize meeting transcripts
Correct grammar and spelling mistakes
Detect sentiment and classify text
Extract information like contact details from text
Generate and explain code…
Oh, speaking of generating code. We used ChatGPT to generate the boilerplate for a plugin that integrates Gravity Forms with OpenAI, the API that powers ChatGPT.

Mind. Blown. 🤯

With this new plugin, you can send form data to OpenAI and capture its responses alongside your entries. It also allows you to use AI to fix grammar, spelling, and word choices in your entry content or completely rewrite it for better readability or tone. Want more? GF OpenAI gives you the ability to moderate submissions and flag or block inappropriate content.

We are ridiculously excited to see what the Gravity Forms community does with GF OpenAI. This technology really feels like the beginning of something special. Or maybe just the end of human dominance on this planet?

Either way, this plugin is the perfect tool to let you explore this brave new world with Gravity Forms.
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Get ready to join the revolution, with ChatGPT! 🤗