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AI analyzes an individual's unique personality traits and crafts a persuasive message that is guaranteed to convert the recipient into a customer.

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letter to potential client about about completely free AI service, which write a proposal emails based on personality, decision drivers, ability to say no, risk appetite and provide you all email and phone contacts.|
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Dear [Client],

We are excited to offer you a completely free AI service that will take the hassle out of writing proposal emails. Our service will give you the ability to customize emails to match your clients’ personalities, decision drivers, risk appetites, and provide you with their email and phone contacts.

No longer will you have to worry about repetitive task of manually searching for contacts and guessing what type of message to send. With our AI service, you can easily create personalized emails while also cutting down your overall time spent.

We are confident you’ll find our service offers immense value to you and your business. And because it’s completely free to use, you’ve got nothing to lose. Try it out today and experience the power of AI-generated emails.

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