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Did you know that Customer Success and Account Management professionals send an average of 7.3 emails to schedule a single meeting? Get this time back and deliver a great customer experience with your new Calendly account.
Your free 14-day Teams trial starts today. To get started, simply:
Connect your web conferencing tool.
Customize one of your pre-built Event Types (maybe for a troubleshooting call or quarterly business review).
Share your link with a customer so they can pick a time to meet.
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Dear Customer,

We understand that as a Customer Success and Account Management professional, your time is precious. Did you know that it takes an average of 7.3 emails to schedule a single meeting? With Calendly, you can get that time back and still deliver a great customer experience!

Your 14-day Teams free trial starts today. To get started, simply connect your web conferencing tool and customize one of your pre-built Event Types (for a troubleshooting call, quarterly business review, or whatever else you'd like!). Once you’ve shared your link with a customer, they can easily select a time to meet.

At Calendly, we don't value relationships over the merit of our product but understand the potential impact that results can have when measuring the ROI. Our product offers clear evidence of those results, giving you the confidence to take a risk when a quick decision is needed. So start your free trial and offer your customers a seamless scheduling experience today!

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Efim Kolodkin
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    +44 7520 640056
Risk Appetite
They have high risk tolerance and can take risky decisions if the data backs their conviction.
Ability To Say No
If they can not see the value of the product, they will refuse without a second thought.
If they have all the required information, they can make very quick decisions.
Decision Drivers
Clear evidence of ROI and large potential impact are the biggest factors that influence their decision.
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