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High-converting email copy.

Email copywriting by AI that is tailored to connect with your audience and capture the attention of your mailing list.

Use compelling language to create emails that hold your audience's interest and leave them wanting more.
Increase your productivity by generating more emails and texts for your clients in just one minute.
Attract more attention and improve response rates.
There will be no more mistakes, as works with every language that you require.
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How it works.

With just a few clicks save 80% of your writing time, produce high-quality content, and expand your email marketing efforts.


Just write a draft of your email or list the main points you want to communicate.
AI will then create a letter template based on this information.

Add LinkeIn profile .

Add a personal touch to your email by including a link to your recipient's LinkedIn profile! Our advanced analysis of personal traits allows us to create a customized, compelling message that is sure to impress.


AI will rewrite your text in the desired style and language.
All you have to do is copy, send and the recipient will reply very soon.
Written by AI

Personalized emails.

AI analyzes an individual's unique personality traits and crafts a persuasive message that is guaranteed to convert the recipient into a customer.

Greet not just with a name,
but with a personal touch.

To stand out in a crowded field of salespeople, you must connect with buyers on a personal level and truly understand their needs.

What can be achieved by using

All available contacts.
Enrich all your B2B contacts with emails and phone numbers.
Indicates the speed at which the prospect will make a purchase decision/
Identifies three adjectives that describe the individual.
BIG 5 traits.
These traits are used to describe how a person typically thinks, feels, and behaves.
Ability to say No.
Indicates the prospect's willingness or ability to decline the offer.
What to avoid.
We offer guidance on what to avoid in communication with the individual in order to strengthen the professional relationship.
Decision drivers.
Describes the factors that the prospect considers when making a decision.
Risk appetite.
Indicates the prospect's likelihood of taking a risk in order to try out new solutions.
What to say.
Tailored responses will improve professional relationships through effective communication with each persona.
it's a temporary!

Affordable pricing for everyone.

We believe that the power of AI should be available to everyone, which is why we made this incredible service available for free.

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